The wife of a McDonald's franchisee was found dead in her North Salem home earlier today. NY State Police say that Lois Colley, 83, died of blunt force trauma.

Husband Eugene Colley, who owns about 100 McDonald's locations, has been ruled out as a suspect; the Journal News reports, "Police said Colley's body was found on the floor of the laundry room, which is next to the garage. A caretaker called 911 Monday evening from the home at 258 Titicus Road, part of the couple's 300-acre hilltop estate known as Windswept Farm... There was no sign of forced entry. All that appeared missing from the home was a small fire extinguisher, but police would not speculate whether that was used to kill Lois Colley."

It's suspected she was killed yesterday afternoon; a source told the Post, "It looks like a burglary that she might have walked in on. She was found by a caretaker who immediately calls the husband."

The Colleys hosted fox hunts at the estate: A 1996 NY Times article described, "Up at the grand Colonial-style white house, atop the long, winding driveway lined with cows wandering and horses playing in the pastures full of snow, Mrs. Colley prepares coffee, cider, sherry and croissants for the ritual sendoff called the 'Stirrup Cup.' At the same time, Mr. Colley, the Master of the Foxhounds, essentially the commander-in-chief of the hunt, wearing a 50-year-old scarlet coat, sits atop his roan horse and gives the group the traditional hunt greeting, "Good morning" (to be said no matter what time of day it is)."

In 2003, Colley's son Bruce was embroiled in an affair with Kerry Kennedy, who was married to Andrew Cuomo at the time. Bruce Colley was dubbed a "polo-playing playboy" and he and his wife divorced, as did Kennedy and Cuomo. Adding to the soap opera, Kennedy's brother, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., allegedly had an affair during his marriage to Mary Richardson Kennedy with Colley's ex-wife.

NY State police asked that anyone with information about Colley's death to contact the New York State Police, Bureau of Criminal Investigation at (914) 277-3177 or 24 hour number (914) 769-2600.