Yesterday, everyone's newest favorite Westchester politician Jim Russell was being called a lot of words after it was revealed that he wrote a 16-page paper in 2001 obsessed with sexual imprinting, eugenics and interracial marriage. Mostly, the word being used was "racist." But hold up everyone: let's give the man a chance to defend himself!

Russell appeared on Regional News Network for an interview with Richard French to try to save his campaign, and it was, to quote the Daily News, "truly incredible." (you can see excerpts from the video below) During the interview, Russell refuses to disavow or apologize for his paper, because he hasn't looked at it lately: "No, I'm not gonna pass judgments on my writings that I haven't read recently."

When he repeatedly tries to change the subject, host French doesn't let him weasel out of it; and when Russell tries to blame it on the liberal media, French points out that "your own party condemned you as a kook and a racist." And French gets the bitchiest line in: "Jim, I guarantee you: The KKK isn't posting any of my writings."