Westchester County Republican Jim Russell must be feeling pretty lousy right now. It wasn't enough that his eugenics-obsessed scholarly paper printed in a journal identified as a hate group was discovered. It wasn't enough when the GOP pulled their support from him. And it wasn't enough that he appeared on a TV talk show to defend himself, only to refuse because he hadn't read his racist paper recently. No, someone allegedly saw him hanging out with white supremacists.

Voice freelance writer Maria Luisa Tucker went undercover to a Memorial Day weekend gathering of white supremacists in 2007, where she ran into Russell handing out anti-immigration literature: "I just remember him being this smiling kind of Mr. Rogers guy, walking around while people were eating, and handing out his fliers," she told LoHud. The literature he was giving out began, "Just how many illegal immigrants and family members are we talking about—and at what cost?" And they report that in April 2006, a British magazine article described a Virginia conference of the white nationalist New Century Foundation, and noted "the Occidental Quarterly stall run by James Russell, a member of its editorial board." Russell enjoys writing against racial integration so much, he even sent some letters to the editors of The Journal News, who published one in 1996.