Yesterday afternoon, a couple and their children were found dead in their Lewisboro home. The Journal News reports, "State police identified the parents as Amy Friedlander, 46, and Sam Friedlander, 50. The children were Gregory, 8, and Molly, 10. Police at the scene would not say who they believe did the killing. The parents were in the midst of a divorce."

A state trooper made the discovery at 3:40 p.m., after receiving a request to check on Sam Friedlander, who did not show up for work. Captain Michael Kopy said, "The initial trooper who arrived at the scene got into the residence, discovered two of the four bodies, retreated from the residence. At that point a more a further examination of the residence where the two other subjects were located." Lewisboro Police Chief Frank Secret told WCBS 2, "This is devastating. I mean, in our community like this, this is not something that we’re used to at all."

The Friedlanders were married in 2000—a NY Times wedding announcement at the time noted that Amy Friedlander worked as a VP at Chase Manhattan Bank while Sam Friedlander was associate counsel of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Their home had been on the market for five months, at the listing price of $799,000. The community is in shock; a neighbor told the Post, “I used to see the mom and father putting them on the bus, they had beautiful kids. The father was always playing with the kids outside.”