Bleccch: Westchester County dumped 4.4 million gallons of treated sewage into the Hudson River last month—and didn't say a word, according to the Journal News. The disgusting event was apparently an "accident," which is no excuse for environmental group Riverkeeper. Riverkeeper's John Lipscombe said, "They've got to warn when there's a release — accidental or planned. It's unethical not to."

The break occurred in Tarrytown and flowed for 39 hours. Westchester County's health officials explained that since the sewage was treated (chlorinated), they didn't feel the public needed to be notified. Still, Riverkeeper says that the levels of Enterococcus, which indicates untreated sewage, were "off-the-charts" in the river near Tarrytown, coming in at 24,196 units per 100 millileters, oh, about 400 times the level the EPA deems is safe for human contact.

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