policesketch.jpgPolice are searching for a man in his 30's who broke into a West Village apartment wielding a knife, only to be driven off by the occupant's furious response. The Post spoke to the resident, Jennifer LaPierre, a 41-year-old writer who lives in a basement apartment on West 11th Street. The article makes clear that when she's not pounding the keyboard, she likes to pump iron and work out at a nearby gym.

LaPierre woke up Wednesday morning to find a man--white, blond hair, fair eyes, muscular--using a knife to break into her bedroom. Before she knew it, the man was atop Jennifer and trying to cover her mouth with a cloth, "He scratched my face with a knife ...my earrings were ripped out." She fought back, pushing against his chest, and then knocking him in the groin. Then, as she screamed, the predator went scurrying out.

The Post reports the cops are investigating a link between Wednesday's attack and one that occurred in Gramercy last week. And LaPierre credits her 7-days-a-week workout regime with her ability to repel her attacker, despite the fact she was smaller than him.