Tensions between the city's teenaged "hooligans" and everyone else who's fed up with the invincible aura of juvenescence boiled over in the West Village yesterday, when the 68-year-old owner of Carmine St. Guitars confronted a group of rowdy kids. "They were just causing problems," guitarmonger Dennis Guglielmo told the Daily News. "They think they can come down to the Village and intimidate people." As seen in these breathtaking photos, Guglielmo approached one teen and brandished the preferred weapon of the West Village: an expensive-looking patio chair.

Though one of the photos shows Guglielmo (who is dressed like an adult in a tank top, cargo shorts, and flip-flops) appearing to lunge at the boy, he was probably just showing him how jacked his arms have gotten from fending off teenagers for decades in a neighborhood that seemingly brings out the worst in them.

No arrests were made in the scuffle, despite Guglielmo complaining that the teenagers were demanding money from passersby. Remember kids: extortion is for $8 boutique sno-cones and $9 beers.