Maybe the judge will tell them to work it out.

A resident in a West Village luxury building is suing an Equinox gym because, according to him, the gym instructors scream encouragement at their students so loudly that the man's life is a deafening, gilded nightmare according to the Post.

"Overly eager Equinox class instructors turn up their microphones to their highest volume levels and scream and yell their motivational encouragement," Printing House Condominium resident Michael Pavlakos alleges in his suit against the Equinox below his apartment, the NY Post reports.

The jogging, jumping and screaming coming from below Pavlakos's apartment makes it impossible for him, his wife, and teenage son to live a normal life, or whatever passes for normal for people who live in West Village luxury apartments. Given that this sounds an awful lot like what I dealt with when I lived in the McKibbin Lofts, I recommend Pavlakos try drowning things out/seeking revenge by blasting Andrew W.K.'s "Party Hard" on his stereo on repeat while he's out of the house.

In defense of the Equinox, there's a SoulCycle right around the corner, so it's possible they have no choice but to shout over those instructors in order to be heard. As of press time, a representative from Equinox had not responded to a request for comment.