Last week's Page Six item about the rats of Morton Street terrorizing Greenwich Village residents (including Gisele Bundchen!) prompted this Fox 5 report. Aside from choice quotes like "They are ruling the streets," "One night, I saw a rat come across the street, catch a mouse and eat it. It was disgusting. There are rats coming across the street, they're having parties in the street," and "They are like the big, giant disgusting Secret of NIMH rats," neighbors also tells Fox 5, the rats are headquartered at 42 Morton Street: "Acting on complaints, the city Health Department sent out the rat patrol in full force. Inspectors found rat droppings inside the building and told the owner to clean it up or else." Ew (and video is after the jump). Also, per the city, property owners are responsible for keeping rat-free environments while tenants are required to store their garbage properly.