2008_12_wvillmug.jpgPolice continue to maintain a heightened presence in the "Wild West Village" as they search for the two muggers responsible for a series of late night robberies and bloody attacks in the area over the last month. The only description of the pair is that they are "dark skinned," possibly so limited because they have been attacking their female victims from behind. Cops had originally said that the muggings were not part of a pattern, but now have confirmed that six are related. All have taken place between 11:30 pm and 2:45 am.

The Post talked to a recent victim who was robbed at Bleecker and West 10th Street. She recounted, "There were two guys - one had a hood on and a bandanna over his face. He grabbed me from behind and put a gun to my head. I was crying. I was agreeing with everything he wanted me to do. He said, 'Don't even think of f- - -ing screaming. Don't f- - -ing scream. Don't f- - -ing scream."

Just the other day, the crime wave prompted Speaker Christine Quinn to send out a letter to 9,000 constituents in the area warning them of the situation. It included basic safety tips about keeping your purse or wallet at home when going out late at night if it could be helped. Quinn also announced that there will be a community council meeting on the muggings on December 17, in the basement of Our Lady of Pompeii Church on Carmine Street, at 7:30 pm.