The owner of the West Village bar that allegedly refused to serve a customer because he was wearing a Trump "Make America Great Again" hat has produced evidence that he believes will "put the lie to Plaintiff’s outrageous and disparaging claims" of discrimination.

In a literal instance of having the receipts, bar owner Jon Neidich filed copies in Manhattan Supreme Court last week of the plaintiff's bar tab on the night he claims he was "ridiculed, discriminated against and ejected from The Happiest Hour on account of his creed." According to those receipts, plaintiff Greg Piatek, a Philadelphia accountant, left a $36 tip on his $182 tab, which covered 16 drinks he shared with friends.

Copies of Piatek's receipt filed in a Manhattan Supreme Court

According to Neidich's attorney, the 20 percent gratuity would seem to conflict with the lawsuit's claim that Piatek was "thrown out into the cold" on "the most discriminatory, humiliating and 'Saddest Hour' of his life."

In Piatek's initial retelling of the incident, numerous bartenders refused to serve him, and one allegedly said that he "must be a terrible person." Eventually, a manager told Piatek that he was no longer welcome at the bar, the suit alleges, and a bouncer escorted him and his friends to the door.

Along with receipts, the defense filed a motion for the complaint to be dismissed, arguing that the new evidence "eviscerat[es] the entire foundation of Plaintiff's claims." The suit "bears all the hallmarks of a publicity stunt rather than any cognizable legal claim," the complaint added.

Piatek's attorney could not be reached for comment, but told the NY Post that his client stands by his account of the incident, explaining that he has "such a good heart that he’s going to tip no matter” how he is treated.