NYC and NY State finally formally announced the $2.8 billion plan to build Jets stadium, expand the Javits Center, and revitalize the West Side yesterday. And of course, there's a lot of disagreement and protest about the plan: How can the city funnel hundreds of millions of dollars when the school system needs money badly? Some assemblymen support expanding the convention center but not building the stadium. The immediate neighborhood doesn't want the project. The Mayor says he's going to use Battery Park City funds for part of the project, which raises other eyebrows.

Of course, with the prospect of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of projected revenue, Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki are on the offensive, calling the plan a way to "catapult NY" to the fore of the convention industry as well as a way to "bring the NFL back to NY."

The cost breakdown:
NY City & State: $1.3 billion
Jets: $800 million
Hotel occupancy tax ($1.50/night additional charge for all hotel rooms in NYC): $500 million
Private developer (TBD) for convention center hotel: $200 million

The Times gets the West Side project reaction from many New Yorkers; Gothamist's favorite: "'Who are the Jets?' asked a 42-year-old film producer as she sat on a bench on Broadway munching an artichoke pizza."

City Hall's press release of the project; bio of Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff, who headed up the plan.