So, the big vote in Albany to (partly) decide the fate of the West Stadium has been delayed indefinitely. This has slowed down the Jets' and NY City's (well, Mayor Bloomberg's, really) push to get the project approved fast. Both State Senate leader Joseph Bruno and Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver had wanted to delay the vote, and finally, Governor Pataki agreed. Pataki is pro-West Side stadium, while Bruno and Silver have been more skeptical of the plans, given their constituents' cries. Bruno had asked for a one-month delay, saying that the various lawsuits against the project would probably be decided by then. Gothamist says, fat chance. It's weird, we've been hearing so much about the West Side Stadium for so long, it's starting to become a kind of white noise in our brain... Anyway, this is a small victory for Cablevision and a mini-defeat for the Mayor Bloomberg, who we believe would probably be out in the railyards with Dan Doctoroff excavating the ground if they could.

See some anti-stadium rally photographs.