Lets see, Mike Bloomberg wants to move the Jets to the West Side, and land his helicopter at the Meadowlands? At last week's Jets game, Bloomberg was running late and was denied access to the helipad by Meadowlands officials. If that wasn't bad enough, George Zoffinger, president and CEO of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, said Bloomberg was "throwing a hissy fit". Zoffinger says there are rules that say anyone wanting to land on the helipad must arrive one hour before the game and leave one hour afterwards. The Daily News reports that a source close to the Jets said Meadowlands officials were just upset that Bloomberg wanted to hold a press conference there. A Bloomberg spokesperson responded by calling Zoffinger "petty and unprofessional". Gothamist was unable to find quotes from either side stating, "We can actually pee further than you."

Nothing quite like hissy fits by billionares. Note to self: when traveling via helicopter, don't piss off guy in charge of landing pad.

Gothamist on the Jets Stadium