2005_03_veiljets.jpgFor better or for worse, there is too much to say about the fight over the MTA railyards on the West Side, the possible home of a West Side stadium for the NJ Jets or just a big commercial-residential development or maybe even a power plant. NJ (Acting) Governor Richard Codey made a point to show how it would only cost $450 million for the Jets to build a new stadium in NJ, versus the $1+ billion NYC plan. The NY Times notes that the NJ overture has put the Mayor on guard, but the Mayor pooh-poohed it, saying it was just a publicity ploy. Gothamist has to agree: Even though the NJ plan might make economic sense, we can understand that the Jets would want their own stadium - we just don't know where, if not in the media capital of the country/world. To make things more complicated, the NFL has suggested that NYC might be Super Bowl country in 2010, if there is a West Side Stadium. And the Post is reporting that Jets owners Woody Johnson may bid to buy the Rangers and Knicks, so Cablevision butts out of the bidding process.

The funniest thing to come out of this is how Bruce Ratner's Brooklyn Nets arena is not a sure thing (in spite of Ratner, the city and the state signing an agreement last week) because there were no other bids on the site and the MTA may pursue an auction. What's crazy for these developers is that it's like the MTA suddenly remembered, "Hey, we can make more money if we put the lots onto the open market." Again, who are the dopes running this agency? And speaking of the Nets, you guys are killing us. Rebuilding, reschmuilding - this is just sad.

Newsday has a look at the possible outcomes of the stadium fight and the Daily News wonders if the Mayor's passion for the unpopular West Side stadium means he has a political death wish.