2005_06_mayorbsad.jpgMayor Bloomberg lambasted the state's PACB decision to reject a plan to finance the West Side Stadium, telling New Yorkers, "We have let down America." Yes, Mayor Bloomberg was swimming in hyperbole, saying:

"We've lost a little bit of our spirit to go ahead and our can-do attitude. If you adopt this kind of policy, we never would have built Carnegie Hall, we never would have built Radio City Music Hall, we never would have built the airports, or the Triborough Bridge or Central Park. One of the great dangers is that developers are going to get disheartened and say, 'I can't build anything in New York City because the politics always get in the way.'"

The NY Times also reports that the city's big mistake was not to work with state lawmakers sooner. A hurt Bloomberg is also dropping his financial support of State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, who failed to get the board to pass the funding.

Now there are many questions for what will happen to the railyards, such as will anything be built there and does this mean the No. 7 train won't be extended? The NY Times reports that Cablevision's James Dolan, a virulent anti-West Stadium figure, called Donald Trump to talk about developing the MTA railyards. And, yes, that's a true story, even though it sounds more like a script. Gothamist just hopes that Trump will be more involved in his plans for a musical than getting mixed up in this because our head can't take it.