While this rumble involves men in suits with lawyers, there's nothing better than battling billionaires with big egos! On Friday night, Madison Square Garden owner Cablevision dangled a $600 million offer to develop the West Side railyards where the city and NY Jets want to build the NY Sports and Convention Center. The NYSCC has been a hot topic of debate amongst the community and politicians, especially since there's question as to whether or the city should be spending its money to develop it. The MTA recently disclosed that it would like an offer of $300 million for the railyards, while the Jets want to pony up $100 million. Enter Cablevision, who has been bitterly arguing against bringing another sports team about five long blocks from Madison Square Garden. The Jets called the bid "a desperate ploy and a cynical P.R. gimmick." The Mayor himself said the bid was a "joke" and a "disgrace," adding, "Some companies try to block things just by throwing up a roadblock." Cablevision is looking to develop the land as a mixed-use (commercial, residential...just no sports stadium) space.

The MTA, for its part, made the cautious statement, "This is the first indication we have received from MSG after months of public discussions that they are interested in our property," which does make Gothamist think that Cablevision's owners, the Dolan family, were looking for some extra change in the couch. It'll be interesting to see what the MTA does, because given the budget shortfall, the money would be good. But who knows if even this deal is the right one?

In the meantime, the Post notes that NJ is still trying to keep the Jets in East Rutherford, what with the construction of a new Giants stadium, saying it "makes more sense to have one stadium for $700 million that both teams play in rather than have two separate stadiums" and saying electronic signage could change the name of the stadium. Okay, West Side stadium aside, Gothamist have to say that's the stupidest thing we've heard - it makes total sense that the NY Jets would want a house of their own (versus their home stadium being "Giants" stadium) - we're just not sure it's in Manhattan.