There's rarely any good news when the West Side railyards are involved. Yesterday, it seemed like a sure thing, the city and MTA coming to an agreement that would divvy up various parts of the land, open it up to new zoning, and usher in the long-awaited 7 line extension. But now critics say the overrun estimate sounds measly since the project to link LIRR trains to Grand Central has $2 BILLION in overruns (it's now expected to cost $6.3 billion!). Various groups, such as the Straphangers Campaign, as well as politicians (and a former MTA chairman) are worried about potential overruns given the MTA's history and debt problems - and the fact that construction costs are "rising by almost 2% a month," as per the NY Times. Well, get this project rolling, then! Assemblyman Richard Brodsky says, "Our first review of the documents indicates that if the $2 billion number is wrong, the consequences to the M.T.A. and the state will be enormous....This raises substantial questions whether it could bankrupt the M.T.A.” Eep.

The MTA is expected to approve the West Side railyards plan during its board meeting today.