2005_03_westsidehighway.jpgHmm, it seems that Congress has approved $2.5 million to help bury the West Side Highway at West 61st Street - which would help Donald Trump's Trump Place development. Last week, Congress passed a $284 million highway spending bill, and there was this little boon for the man with the craziest combover this side of Giuliani. Trump has been lobbying non-stop, much to the dismay of neighbors, for the development, from getting the West 72nd Street exit for the West Side Highway closed to getting special zoning for the development. Putting the West Side Highway underground would ensure better views and more parking for Trump Place residents, but the thing is that to put the West Side Highway underground, it would costs millions of dollars.

The NY Times looks at other things NYC is getting from the transportation bill. Senate will be looking at the bill later. And the second Apprentice, Kelly, is supposedly working on the Trump Place project.

Photo of the West Side Highway, circa 1936, from NYC Roads