Oh, Hudson Yards/NY Sports and Convention Center - what a soap opera you have become. So MTA thinks that getting the most money possible for the West Side railyards is more important than a West Side Stadium. And the city is thinking about using revenue from city real estate development to fund the stadium. Whatever the case, as an editorial in the NY Times notes that MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow holds all the cards with making the decision as to who gets the yards. Typically, Gothamist would be frightened to hear that, but since there's so much public attention, we're hoping Chairman K doesn't screw things up. He's asked Cablevision to prove its offer is real, while assuring the Jets that the MTA is interested in making sure their negotiations work out. So, choose wisely...choose wisely.

And if the MTA does award Cablevision with the railyards, Hudson Yards could be built. We think.