Millions of people flocked to Eastern Parkway to celebrate the West Indian American Day Parade yesterday. This was the 40th year of the parade, which had floats, dancers, and bands interacting with the crowds. Many of the spectators wore or waved flags of native countries and enjoying delicious food.

Many politicians marched in the parade, including Governor Spitzer and Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, who said, "This day is for everyone. Everybody is Caribbean today." Mayor Bloomberg drew laughs when he said he was the only person in his administration who could call himself a West Indian because he's in Bermuda all the time. And Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was one of the grand mashals.

There was one report of violence: A 26-year-old man was shot twice in the leg at Troy and Eastern Parkway and three people were taken in for questioning. Last year, there was a shooting and stabbing and, in 2005, a man was shot to death.

Many people took beautiful photographs of the parade. Here are some from ultraclay!, FlySi, EricaJoy and mcbnyc.

Photograph by mcbnyc on Flickr