2006_08_cadet.jpgThe Post reports that crime along the "club row" of West 27th Street has jumped since last year. With the bouncer shooting club patrons incident on West 22nd Street in May and last week's murder of a NJ teen who had been clubbing on West 27th, there's a lot of attention on the nightlife ways of Chelsea. In July alone, there was a 58% increase in assaults inside or right outside clubs, and 200 summons have been issued for "public drinking" and "disorderly conduct." (Question, is public drinking also taking a drink out of a bar/club and walking down the street?) One new way police are monitoring club activity is with a sting. From the NY Post:

Since Jan. 1, cops in the 10th Precinct have engaged in 15 undercover operations using a 19-year-old police cadet accompanied by an older cop to determine if the clubs were serving minors.

They visited clubs 57 times and issued 24 violations.

Last Friday at Spirit, a bartender served the cadet a bottle of Corona, not bothering to check the valid driver's license she was carrying, which showed her age to be only 19. Right after that, the cadet was turned down at Crobar, where a bartender asked for her ID, saw she was underage, and had security escort her out.

That's so 21 Jump Street!

You can see stats for the 10th Precinct here (PDF). The increase in crime has been partially attributed to the fact there's simply more activity in the neighborhood, but alcohol is a factor as well.