2003_8_priestley.jpgThe Post decides to lead its article about how gays feel about new all gay all the time Harvey Milk High School with: It's the most talked-about school since Jason Priestley and the gang graduated in "Beverly Hills 90210."
Huh? Really? The most talked about school? Actually, Gothamist would have expected Columbine High School to rise to the top. Or even Stuyvesant. But West Beverly High from the good old Bev-Niner? If you're going to reference a fictional high school, at least make sure it's at least Ridgemont. Degrassi High would have been better (though maybe it's best known as Degrassi Junior High, which has one of the best TV theme songs ever). We suppose writer Ashlee Cross also has the catchphrase, "Donna Martin graduates!" tattooed in her memory as we do, but come on.