A woman looking to see if a train was coming was hit by a D train on Saturday afternoon. From the Daily News' account, it seems that the woman was looking in the "opposite direction of the oncoming D train" and that she was swaying "dangerously," with the front of the second-to-last car hitting her in the head. Then, "The train roared by, knocking her down about 20 yards from the southern tip of the platform. The impact bounced her several feet and sent blood pouring onto the tracks below" An NYU law student got out of the train that hit Novak and held her hand until the parademics came, but Novak died at the hospital.

This is a terrible story, which confirms the MTA warning that you shouldn't stand too close to the platform edge. In fact, you should position yourself as far as you can from the edge of the platform - the wind from the subway can causing swaying, even if you're conscious. If a train's coming, it's coming and you'll hear it - don't look down the tunnel unless you're a couple feet from the edge. There are too many cases of people being too close to the platform, fainting, and falling into the tracks.