A fire broke out in Midtown, near Penn Station, yesterday. Apparently a transformer in an underground vault blew, and many bulidings were closed, including 34th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, with smoke billowing through subway grates and manholes. Subway service remained normal, and everything was cleared up. Of course, the fire caused both fear and a sense of what-can-you-do: Jessica Osbey of Brooklyn tells the Daily News, "I thought it was terorrism. This is the first time I've been to Manhattan since September 11. Now I'm worried. I was real scared." (sigh - of course it was her first trip to Manhattan post-September 11) while Michael Wilens, a lawyer whose office was vacated, said to the NY Times, "We rolle with the punches." Gothamist knows that there's always going to be people who panic, but calm gets you through the situation better. Of course, this comes as Amtrak issued its travel measures during the convention and co-ops near Penn Station are asking residents to stock up on water and supplies and not leave the building, but besides being careful, whatcha gonna do?