Last night, the man wanted for fatally shooting a Wesleyan University junior walked into a convenience store, bought a Smoothie, and asked the store's employee for a phone because he needed to call the police. The Hartford Courant reports that Stephen Morgan, 29, "had trouble dialing, so [the employee] dialed Meriden [CT] police for him and handed him the phone. After talking briefly on the phone, he walked outside and was grabbed within minutes by police officers."

On Wednesday afternoon, a man had walked into a bookstore near the Wesleyan campus and went to the cafe area where Johanna Justin-Jinich, 20, was working. He shot her five times. Police later identified the shooting suspect at Morgan, who had apparently known Justin-Jinich from a 2007 NYU summer program. Justin-Jinich had complained to NYU Public Safety about harassing calls and emails (one said "You're going to have a lot more problems down the road if you can't take any [expletive] criticism, Johanna") from Morgan, but, by the time the NYPD was involved, she decided against filing charges, because Morgan had left the city already. It's unclear whether they met each other before; Justin-Jinich was from Colorado while Morgan had been in Colorado for some time.

The Courant reported yesterday that police actually spoke to Morgan right after the shooting without realizing he was the suspect (he had taken off his disguise): "When Middletown police arrived, he was one of many people milling around the area who police initially questioned. An officer asked for his name and phone number in case they needed to contact him later on and let him go... It wasn't until hours later, when police heard Morgan's name as a possible suspect from Justin-Jinich's family, that they realized they had stopped him outside the bookstore." (It's unclear whether he lingered to watch the scene or if he was unable to leave because his car was blocked.) The police also found a journal which "outlined his plan to rape and then kill Justin-Jinich before going on a shooting spree on the Wesleyan campus."

Morgan is being held on $10 million bail. His family, who said they hadn't spoken to him for weeks, had urged him to turn himself in. Wesleyan President Michael Roth said, "The Wesleyan community is grateful for the work of law enforcement agencies involved in this process. We are all breathing a little easier with this news. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Johanna and hope that this latest development brings them some measure of comfort." The NY Times has a profile on the victim and suspect: "She was a disciplined, fearless young woman of great promise, a Wesleyan University junior with a passion for women’s health issues. He was apparently disturbed, a man with shaky relationships and a malevolence toward Jews, threatening them and others on the campus in Middletown, Conn., in a journal he kept."