Yesterday afternoon in Middletown, Connecticut, a man walked into a bookstore near Wesleyan University and fatally shot a young woman who worked in the bookstore's cafe. The vicitm, a 20-year-old junior from Colorado named Johanna Justin-Jinich, was hit five times. Police identified the shooter as Stephen Morgan, who is still at large and was apparently disguised during the shooting (see another photo). Police apparently found evidence at the cafe that "heightened" their concern and said, "We just want to get the message out there to be extra vigilant. This individual is armed and dangerous, and we want to be sure public safety is our top priority." Wesleyan told its students to stay in their residences and told staff not to come in to work; the university is in its reading period before exams, so no classes were scheduled. Update: Apparently Justin-Jinich and Morgan knew each other from when they were NYU students in 2007.