On Thursday night, a Delta flight from JFK Airport to Madrid had to return to JFK for an emergency landing. An air marshal apparently found some wires threaded through a drinking straw in a bathroom, and the plane was evacuated. The TSA said that the "aircraft was searched with negative results," but there are still questions about what the wires were.

Adding to the discovery of the wires, a woman on the flight apparently had trouble breathing, and was initially suspected of trying to create a diversion. According to the Post, some law-enforcement sources think they "might have been components of a bomb" but other "investigators are still leaning toward an innocuous explanation of the discovery, said sources." Can't they make up their minds?

Officials first believed a woman who suffered a medical emergency when the wires were found was “supposed to be the decoy” to “the gentleman who [was] playing with the possible explosive device,” according to a radio transmission from the jet.

But the man and the woman were released after questioning.

The Daily News' source says that the wires in the bathroom could have been a work that was interrupted. The News also describes the female passenger as an Argentinian and the male passenger, who was the last believed to be in the bathroom, as a Pakistani-born U.S. citizen.