As the scandal- and gaffe-plagued reign of David Paterson comes to an end, we can look ahead to a new year and a new governor. Andrew Cuomo will be sworn in tonight, and he's so eager to get down to business to be on the 11 o'clock news that he'll take the oath at 10 PM, two hours earlier than expected.

According to the Daily News, the swearing-in will be preceded by a lavish ball for the Cuomo family and 80 guests upstate in the Governor's Mansion. During his tenure, Cuomo will split his time between the mansion and his Westchester home, which he shares with girlfriend Sandra Lee, so he can be closer to his three daughters.

At tonight's party, guests will feast on a decidedly not semi-homemade buffet whipped up by state chefs, and will toast the New Year with New York State wines. Cuomo will officially become the state's 56th governor when the oath goes into effect just after midnight, and will begin his duties with a staff meeting at 8:30 tomorrow morning. He'll give his inaugural address at noon, and in lieu of a lavish reception, he's tactfully decided to press flesh with some "everyday folks" at the executive mansion. All of the inaugural expenses, including overtime pay for state workers, will be paid for by his campaign.