A recently-released survey found that while NYC residents admit they enjoy a drink or two to unwind, they may be in denial about their weight problems. According to the Post, a Siena Research Institute survey found that of the New Yorkers who say they drink alcohol, 45 percent estimate they have one or two drinks in a week. On the other end of the spectrum, 12 percent admit they knock back over 15 drinks every week. (Is that a lot?) And 41 percent of New Yorkers admit they're fat, but 2007 federal statistics tell a different story, estimating that 56 percent of NYC residents are overweight. Poll organizer Dr. Don Levy pins the discrepancy New Yorkers' refusal to face the truth about their disgusting fat-bodies: "It's one thing to lie to me. It's another thing to lie to yourself." As for the drinking habits, the survey says upstate New Yorkers actually drink more than city folk, which doesn't surprise snob on the street David Dutkanicz, who tells the Post, "I agree with those numbers. People have more to do here than drink. Whenever I'm in upstate New York, I see more drunken and sloppy behavior."