Ray Kelly's chances of moving into Gracie Mansion wasn't the only thing that Quinnipiac was asking questions about while conducting its latest poll. They were also interested in history. Specifically how New Yorkers are feeling about Michael Bloomberg's third term (pretty split these days) and how they think New York's mayors since 1966 stack up. And only one percent chimed in to support poor Abe Beame!

As far as the best mayor since '66 goes the 1,234 voters Quinnipiac talked to ranked Rudy Giuliani as the best with 34 percent, followed by Bloomberg (26 percent), Ed Koch (20 percent), David Dinkins (seven percent), John Lindsay (six percent) and Abe Beame. But it wasn't all love for Rudy and Bloomie. When asked who the worst mayor since '66 was 28 percent said Dinkins but 20 percent said Giuliani and 16 percent pointed to Bloomberg. Beame, Lindsay and Koch rounded out the list.

And not surprisingly, when you break the numbers (which you can peruse here) down by race, things are slightly different. Blacks, for instance, were dramatically less kind to Giuliani than whites and Hispanics (only 16 percent thought he was the best mayor and 37 percent thought he was the worst). Which is to say... all these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt the size of the Statue of Liberty. As such, we thought we'd see what you, our readers, think about our mayors since 1966: