A lawyer for one of the men accused of plotting to bomb Bronx synagogues as well as open fire at planes at a National Guard base says the federal informant entrapped his client and the other suspects by way of fried chicken. The Daily News reports that Laguerre Payen's lawyer said, "You can't watch the tapes that you don't see eating going on. The [confidential informant] is paying for all these meals," and claimed that the "informant had a charge account at a Crown Chicken on Broadway and let Payen eat for free." Naturally, the U.S. Attorney's office said they would look into the matter—"I'm going to inquire as to whether there was a Crown Chicken relationship." In the mean time, let's ponder the possibility of deciding to blow up buildings and military bases because you're getting free food, because even free grilled chicken can cause a frenzy.