maplevels.gifWith the forecast calling for possibly more than an inch and a half of rain over the next few days, the Mets will be lucky just to squeak in one game in their home opening series against the Braves. But the rain ensures that our reservoirs will remain in good shape especially compared to two years ago when we found ourselves in a Stage 1 drought emergency with the total level at 57.5%. The total reservoir storage level is currently at 98.3% (above the 96.4% normal level) with some reservoirs even reporting over 100% capacity (wouldn't that imply they are overflowing?)

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection has a detailed map of current reservoir levels on their website. They also have lots of other interesting information as well. Gothamist finds it interesting (and encouraging) that NYC water consumption has declined pretty steadily since 1991. Does that mean we are less thirsty? Or that we prefer to spend millions of dollars on bottled water instead of drinking the quality water the city provides for free?

At least the precipitation this week will not be falling in another form as did in 1841 when 12 inches of April snow dumped on the city.