2006_05_meurice.jpgThe manager of an East 57th Street dry cleaning store was stabbed by a "nattily" dressed man yesterday morning. The victim, Louis Luciano, had opened the Meurice Garment Care when a man came in and asked for some tailoring (conflicting reports about whether it was for a button to be sewn or for pants to be shortened). Luciano explained they didn't do tailoring - only for the man to demand money as he held a knife. Luciano handed over a couple hundred dollars, but the man yelled "That's not enough!" and drove a 4-inch knife into Luciano's stomach. The Post makes a point about Luciano's build being what saved him (the Post describes him as "burly" while the Daily News referred to his "round belly") plus the fact he didn't take the knife out, which is a First Aid basic.

Luciano graciously said that he was glad he was stabbed and not the female co-worker who usually has the morning shift (he switched in order to make a doctor's appointment). The robber is still on the loose. The Meurice Garment Care hadn't installed a surveillance camera.