It's official: Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld is going to run for governor of New York. We can thank Rudy Giuliani and Karl Rove for encouraging Weld to run; according to the NY Times, people have said Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, the early Democratic frontrunner, is "beatable." Weld himself told the NY Times "juices are really flowing for this race." Okay, first things first, dude: No one wants to know about your juices, okay? Didn't anyone learn anything from the whole Lewinsky thing? Anyway, Weld is a native New Yorker and has been working at a city law firm, which might temper some carpetbagger criticism, but his liberal leanings - support for abortion rights and gay rights - might be unattractive to conservative New Yorkers (the ones upstate).

The Post reports that State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, another Republican, is upset that Weld didn't contact him about wanting to run for governor, because, as the Post puts it, "any serious GOP candidate for governor would have the sense to call the Legislature's most powerful Republican." While it would have been a good political move, the state Legislature has been and can still be a joke.