snow cover mapFall certainly gave us a rude good-bye yesterday. The average temperature for the day was 16 degrees, which is twenty degrees below normal. That cold blip will be wiped out when the average monthly temperature is calculated because it is going to be much warmer than normal on Wednesday and Thursday. It'll be rainy and windy on Thursday as well. It will cool off for the weekend but the warmth and rain will take away any chance of a white Christmas in the city. The map above shows snow depth as of this morning.

Today is the winter solstice. We will have but nine hours and fifteen minutes of daylight. Daylight will be two seconds longer tomorrow! If you are in Midtown at 11:54 this morning check out the sculpture in the McGraw-Hill building plaza (6th Ave between 48th and 49th). The sun's rays will be exactly parallel to the lower leg of the triangle and the sculpture will cast its longest shadow of the year. Gothamist on the summer solstice.