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Update: We the Commuters is committed to addressing stories you—our readers and listeners—are interested in. For the month of September, our area of focus is homelessness in the subways. For people living on the streets, sometimes the subways are their best option. And commuters, who see homeless people in subway cars and stations, may feel helpless and just turn away. We want to hear from you: Email us at or use #wethecommuters on Twitter—and please join us for our live event in The Greene Space on September 24th.

Homelessness in the subways is the second topic we've explored from a survey we conducted with thousands of readers. Our first was bicycling in the city, and, in July, we looked at the issue from a variety of angles on-air and online, culminating in event in The Greene Space (which you can see here), where NYPD Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan agreed it's "absolutely insensitive" to ticket bicyclists after cyclists are killed.

We The Commuters

It’s no secret: New York’s transportation system is in rough shape. Whether we get around by bike, bus, car, ferry, train or really anything else — except maybe a helicopter — our days often begin and end with travel-related stress.

Still, solutions to our transit woes remain elusive. Many are too difficult to execute, too expensive or require impossible trade-offs. To make matters worse, when we want our voices heard, it’s unclear who’s even in charge.

We want to change that.

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As the name implies, We the Commuters puts the audience at the center of our work. This project is grounded in the lived experience of moving around our area at the times of the day when the stakes are the highest.

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