Bushwick is the 7th coolest neighborhood in the world (or at least it was, though how long can something become cool before all the Dads find it?) so now developers think tourists are dying to see all the C-Town bags free-floating down Wilson Avenue. Last year, plans were announced for an eight story hotel inspired by Bushwick's "raw feeling of creativity," and now two more visitor sleeping pods will pop up in the 'hood.

The Real Deal reports that real estate company All Year Management is proposing a seven-floor, 112-room hotel at 71 White Street, located just a stones throw from Roberta's and the once-infamous McKibbin Lofts. That hotel, according to DOB documents, is expected to house a restaurant, retail space, gym and bar, the latter of which is apparently not abundant enough in Bushwick.

And that's not all: earlier this week, development company Riverside Developers proposed another hotel in Bushwick, this one a 140-key spot at 27 Stewart Ave (Jefftown's getting tourists!) Note that Riverside Developers are the company behind that monstrous alien space hub going up on Wythe Avenue, so Bushwickers have this kind of architectural joy to look forward to, should that project proceed.

Looks like Zosia got out just in time.