2006_10_massagetable.jpgOkay, maybe not the weirdest interview ever, but it's definitely a crazy lawsuit: Thirty five year old model Ana Sola is suing a prospective employer after he got grabby during an interview. Sola says that psychologist William Swan wanted to show her his special relaxation techniques that are part of a program for sexual abuse victims (Sola was interviewing to be a co-trainer).

Judge Doris Ling-Cohan (you may remember her as the judge who feels that gay marriage should be allowed in NYC) is allowing the case to go forward and the Post has the salacious details:

Sola, 35, said Swan asked her "to change into a bathrobe in order to instruct her on the proper technique in applying a 'therapeutic massage,' " the judge wrote.

Sola said she changed into the robe but kept her bra and panties on. He had her lie on her stomach and massaged her, her suit says. He unhooked her bra, telling her he needed "access to her back," tried to take off her panties and grabbed her rear end, the suit says.

He told her that her duties would include oral sex with Swan, the suit says.

When she refused, the suit says, Swan "forced her legs open" and "moved his hands up Sola's legs" and grabbed her private area.

She said she screamed at him, put her clothes on and left with $100 Swan paid her for her "work."

This totally reminds of us Married to the Mob when Angela tries to get a job at a crappy fast food joint and the owner makes her change into that blue uniform... (Ah, remember when the Lower East Side was scary back then?) Anyway, Swan argued that Sola is the one who was wanted to spice up his techniques and said he should offer "squigglies" to interested clients. He says that Sola is trying to extort him and claims that her selling nude photos of herself on the Internet shows she's "no babe in the woods."

Websites: Here is Sola's website (she's spiritual and a doula!) and here is Swan's.