2005_05_napkins.jpgYesterday afternoon, a man pretended to get hit by a car and tended to his wounds with napkins from a Famiglia pizza parlor on First Avenue, while he had really been stabbed during an "arranged sexual tryst." Newsday didn't have that many details, except that the man lay down in the street then walked into the pizza parlor, bleeding, and that the man was uncooperative with the police after the pizza parlor employees called 911. This morning Post elucidated: The man, Glenn McDowell, was stabbed when the woman he met over the Internet refused to have sex with him. The woman turned out to be a man, Andrea Williams, and Williams stabbed McDowell when he became violent. Then Williams' roommate in the illegal sublet near First Avenue and East 68th sprayed Mace in McDowell's eyes. Apparently, Williams "agreed to perform oral sex on McDowell in exchange for $100." An employee at Famiglia told the Post that Williams and the roommate "looked like two fat girls. You wouldn't be able to tell if either of them was a man," while other neighbors told Newsday that they were suspicious of the two roommates, seeing a "lot of unusual people coming in" and that it was "strange that different people were walking in and out." Williams was arrested and charges pending.