Here's something you don't see, um, ever: a weekend with no subway service disruptions. Why? Blizzard, baby! Twelve inches of snow is going to make working on the tracks pretty impossible (this despite the special snowblower train car that can be put into service-- it's powered by a jet engine!) Anyway, if you want to go into Williamsburg without the usual triple-transfer weekend detour, now is the time to do it. Until about 7pm, at least-- that's when the snow is supposed to start falling. [Related: get subway disruption emails sent to you-- customized for each line.]

Unrelated MTA weekend news: an arbitrator has ruled that the G-train must keep 2-person crews on weekdays (so conductors will stay on for now.) Also, subway ridership hit 1.5 billion last year, at an average cost of $1.27 per ride (yah, weekly Metrocards!)