After ripping into Republican House members for failing to vote for the 9/11 health and compensation bill, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) have been getting lots of press, thanks to his Youtube-captured speech (video below). But now many think his loud, passionate display was less about the bill and more about his 2013 mayoral chances. In other words, Weiner could have been acting like...a politician!

Via Politico's Maggie Haberman, Salon's Steve Kornacki notices that an ulterior motive. Kornacki says, "[T] ry not to fall too hard for Weiner. As riveting as they are, his theatrics -- last night and every time he makes noise on the House floor or cable television -- are best understood as part of a shrewd strategy to position Weiner for the 2013 New York mayor's race," and reminds us that Weiner is "a Chuck Schumer protege who absorbed his old boss' appetite for press coverage.":

He's not an especially consequential figure within the House -- his comments about the internal workings of the chamber tend to be more provocative than accurate -- and his theatrics and pronouncements don't really affect legislation. But it doesn't to the media, which can't resist drama on the House floor. And it doesn't matter to Weiner, who has pulled off an enviable feat this past year: Distancing himself from New York City politics while simultaneously improving his chances in the next mayor's race.

Plus there's the NY Post's editorial, which mocks Weiner's outrage, "Anthony Weiner, get thee to a phar macy -- fast" and says City Hall doesn't need those kind of "histrionics" (Okay, fine, the Post was never going to be that much of a Weiner-fan).

And on Friday, Weiner and Rep. Peter King, Republican from Long Island and a co-sponsor of the bill, brought their shouting to Fox News. The real speech we want to see: Weiner discussing the "Ground Zero" mosque.