Room Eight, the city politics blog, has a missive by Representive Anthony Weiner about ferries. Yes, ferries. Former mayoral hopeful Weiner things that ferries are the way to go, given recent transit emergencies:

'[T]he Roosevelt Island tram, the crippling transit worker strike, the terrorist attack against London’s underground, the track fire that knocked out major parts of the A and C train service reminds us that we need to begin to do what practically every other water borne major city has done – get on the boats."

Subtext: Anthony Weiner is claustrophbic and prefers poppin' Dramamine! Weiner has five points/ideas about how to make this happen, including "Establish a Ferry Czar" and "Take $15 Million in Federal money to Buy Ferries," which are worth reading, but will the city be able to get its act together to make it? The idea of adding more ferry service to Brooklyn has been around for a long time. But there are great hopes for the new Midtown Ferry Terminal at Pier 79, so who knows - maybe the quick commute from uptown to downtown will be by water.

Do you think there's capacity in NYC for more ferry service? Or will it cater to only a small part of the population? Circle Line Cruises had hoped to start ferry service to LaGuardia last year, but ended up delaying it.