Former Representative Anthony Weiner's political career was brought to an abrupt and climactic end last year after he got caught accidentally posting a crotch shot on Twitter. Ever since, Weiner has maintained total Twitter silence; his last recorded tweet was about going on the Rachel Maddow show to "talk about Trump eating pizza with a fork!" Such an innocent time! But all that changed this morning, when Weiner dipped a tentative toe back into the Twitter waters (at least we hope that was his toe) with a link to this heartbreaking video about the Rockaways:

The video, for those of you who can't watch it at the moment, shows the utter devastation in the Rockaways with audio taken from a phone message from a Rockaway Beach resident. According to the video description, "Michelle Lives In Rockaway Beach, New York. We Didn't Hear From Her Until 3 Days After Hurricane Sandy, When She Left Us The Following Voicemail. The Damage In The Rockaways Is Extensive and Under-reported. The Rockaways Need Our Help."

Occupy Sandy, Rockaway Help, the New York Blood Center, and the Red Cross are all listed in the video description for those who want to help. For more photos of the shocking damage out there, click here. And to welcome back Anthony Weiner, tweet @RepWeiner. (No crotch shots, please; it's his first day back.)