After his tearful admission on Monday, it was inevitable that Rep. Anthony Weiner's wiener pictures would be unleashed on the unassuming public. Now, shock jocks Opie and Anthony have Tweeted a photograph (EXTREMELY NSFW, if blurry and mostly sacky) allegedly of Weiner's genitals, courtesy of guest Andrew Breitbart.

As Gawker puts it, "Breitbart has said he wouldn't release the picture because 'I don't think I want to put his family through that type of thing.' But since Breitbart is a liar and keeps his Weiner cock shot on his person at all times (wouldn't you?), he shared it with the guys on his phone. Then they took their own snapshot and put it on Twitter. A meta leak, if you will." Opie and Anthony also posted a photograph (NSFW!!) of Breitbart's Blackberry showing the naked crotch shot.

You may be wondering why this photograph is taken from such a terrible angle—well, obviously he was trying to show as much length as possible.