Yesterday, news broke that Rep. Anthony Weiner had contacted a 17-year-old Delaware high school student via a Twitter direct message. While Weiner's spokesman said, "His communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent," some blogs had been raising questions about his interactions with the teen.

Conservative blogs have pointed out the excited Tweet from April 13, "Seriously talking to Representative Weiner from New York right now! Like is my life real?" Paterrico's Pontifications claims that the teen referred to Weiner on May 26, "[The teen] is quoting Weiner talking about 'cape and tights shit' — a quote that does not appear to be anything he ever said publicly, according to Google. The conclusion is irresistable that she is quoting a private message he had sent to her," because when Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss asked Weiner, "hi honey! computer’s back up…what’s up with you? busy saving my country rom this f***in tea baggers?" he replied, "Yep. Cape. Tights. Looking for my sidekick." The Daily News' source confirms that Weiner did make a cape and tights reference, but it was tame:

"She was not targeted in any way and did not receive any inappropriate messages or photos or anything from the congressman," the source told The News. "If she had, her family would have filed charges."

But the girl and Weiner did exchange a handful of private direct messages, and in one he described himself as a superhero and wrote: "I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape. ..."

..."The blogs have taken a few tweets from a 17-year-old kid and put their own twist on messages that were just kid stuff," the source said.

The teen, who Tweeted, "@RepWeiner i’m in love with you," was upset when he stopped following her on Twitter. The teen's family reportedly complied with the Delaware local police's request for her computer and phone to be examined to make sure no crime occurred.

A media circus has descended on the girl's street—the News Journal reported, "Philadelphia news vans and a New York Post photographer were among the news media stationed outside the teen's house trying to get an interview. No one answered the door Friday night. Someone inside the house could be seen looking out the windows, and the lights went out shortly after 11 p.m. Police then responded to the scene after a shirtless man wielding an ax began pacing up and down the street outside the girl's home. The man, who claimed to be a teacher, was led away in handcuffs."