Weinergate continues, but with Anthony Weiner canceling speeches and no longer talking about "certitude," the scandal may be starting to peter out—thought it certainly could pop back up at any time. A good sign that a story is slowing down? When reporters are asking a congressman's laundromat if they recognize his Jockeys.

Which is exactly what CBS2's Marcia Kramer went and did yesterday. Hot on the heals of getting the cops called on her Thursday, Kramer went to Weiner's laundromat in Queens yesterday to ask the hard questions. But sadly for her, a good laundryman apparently doesn't tell tales. So instead she got a guy named Steve Katz to talk about how the laundry makes him feel. And in case you were worried, Katz doesn't like the idea of his clothes getting sudsy near Weiner's: “The thought of my underwear spinning in the same machine as that creepy looking guy does rather creep me out."

As that was going on, Weiner was canceling a long scheduled speech at the Wisconsin Democratic convention in Milwaukee so that he could spend more time with his wife, Huma Abedin, who has been dogged by reporters for much of the week.

With Weiner in radio silence he leaves behind lots of room for analysis of exactly how badly this story has been handled. Which, whatever you think actually happened, is undoubtably the case. Unfortunately for Weiner his reelection rival in 2010 Bob Turner isn't wrong when he says "The best thing the opposition can do is find a good seat, get some popcorn and enjoy the show. There is no need to pile on here. He's doing a wonderful job himself."

At least for the Congressman, thanks to John Edwards, Weiner isn't the only sex scandal running in the Democratic Party anymore.