After years of attending, Anthony Weiner was a no-show at yesterday's Celebrate Israel Parade (Daily News headline: "Where's Weiner?"). But missing out on a major event for one of his largest bases may be far from Weiner's biggest bother today. Andrew Breitbart, who has been pushing the Weinergate story hard for the past week, now claims to have a stash of "photographs, chats, and emails" from the Congressman in which he and a "young woman" engage in an "online, consensual relationship involving the mutual exchange of intimate photographs." Which, by the way, is not illegal.

Breitbart is threatening to release the trove slowly throughout the day, and the first drop has already arrived, apparently featuring Weiner verifying his identity to the woman in question. According to BigGovernment, the photo was "allegedly emailed to the young woman in question from on Thursday, May 5, 2011, via BlackBerry."

The new bit of evidence that Weiner has been using his much-discussed social media skillz for extracurricular entertainment comes as yet more attention is being paid to who exactly the Congressman was using Twitter to talk to (and how old they are). Meanwhile recently did some digging into Weiner's "I was hacked" defense, pointing out that an earlier "his yfrog e-mail account was taken advantage of" theory has some problems, namely that both the infamous tweet and Weiner's earlier tweets that day were all sent via TweetDeck.

But not everything is looking grim for Weiner—no less than Roger Stone thinks "he can still save himself—IF there is no final indisputable adjudication of what actually happened. As long as it is an open question in which his supporters and detractors can each believe what they want, he can most likely be a congressman for life," Stone told the Daily News.

Finally, in case you missed it, this weekend in Weinergate we discovered that Anthony Weiner's laundryman has tight lips, Weiner was a nice boyfriend before he got married and his car registration may be expired.