After a long holiday weekend of wiener jokes, Anthony Weiner has hired a lawyer. The six-term married Congressman was (maybe) caught with his pants down this weekend when a below the waist photo of a man's filled boxer briefs appeared briefly to be sent to a young Seattle coed from his Twitter account. Weiner claimed he was hacked—and the girl has come out to say she doesn't know the Congressman (though she is a fan)—but the "distraction," in the words of Weiner, continues. So while the webs wonder why Weiner hasn't gotten the police involved, the 2013 mayoral hopeful has kept up his tweets, while hiring a lawyer to offer some "professional advice."

"We are loath to treat it as more" than a hack, said Weiner's spokesman Dave Arnold. "But we are relying on professional advice." And in case you weren't sure what Weiner's camp thinks on the matter, the man himself told reporters yesterday that "Many want to change the subject [away from the issues]—I don't. This was a prank, and a silly one. I am focused on my work."

But was it really just a prank? The Post, being the Post, today goes over the "too many coincidences" in the story, and while some of the "coincidences" are a bit of a stretch (Weiner once tweeted the times when an East Coast interview would be in Seattle!) there is something a little odd about the fact that one of the 198-odd Twitter feeds that Anthony Weiner was following was that of a random coed in Seattle who has "never been to New York, or to DC."

More importantly, we always took Weiner for a briefs kinda guy.