Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart promised more compromising photos from the mixed up files of Congressman Anthony Weiner and he's delivered. To go along with the identifying photo he posted this morning Breitbart now has a picture of of Weiner at home with "The Pussies" (his cats), as well as some shots of the Congressman's torso and waxed chest. Apparently Weiner is a manscaper?

Beyond the fact that Weiner apparently takes very good care of himself and has the pecs pics to prove it, it is not exactly clear if these photos help Breitbart's argument that the infamous tweet in question was in fact sent by the Congressman. But it certainly doesn't paint the politician in the most flattering of lights. And it is worth noting that shirtless pics of Representative Chis Lee took that Republican pol down right quick.

Further, these images don't seem to be the end of Breitbart's photodump. According to the blogger, the Congressman not only sent Breitbart's tipster these photos, he also sent a copy of the famous boxer brief shot ("package.jpg") and "Later that same day, apparently after receiving several images from the young woman, Rep. Weiner allegedly sent another photograph to her from the same Yahoo! email address. That photograph (attached to the email as “ready.JPG”) is extremely graphic, and leaves nothing to the imagination."

But not everything is bad PR for still-silent Weiner, he today has an unlikely ally in Albany. No less than homophobic State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. has come out to support him, writing in a letter that "It is just shameful to see how many of Congressman Weiner’s supposed friends—especially those who are elected officials—have abandoned him as the media makes a total mockery of him...I am praying for Congressman Weiner and I ask everyone to join me and pray for him during these difficult times."

Pray for Weiner!

Update: Weiner is now expected to give a press conference at 4 p.m. EST.